I’m Zainul
Entrepreneurial Developer

My skills are in the technological space such as Web, Bots, NLP and Data Science but my mind is always cooking up new and interesting ideas to improve the work flow and lives of others.

Read on if you would like to find out more about my journey

My Motto

To Impact Lives Positively

My Edge is Programming

I believe Entrepreneurs need to have a passion in something which would drives them to solve problems that eventually becomes their business. I have sharpened my skills and widened my experiences over the years which have helped me come up with creative ideas to solve problems.

These are some of the ideas I have worked on during Hackathons or my own free time:

  • Map Application for the disabled that moved became a part of A*Star and branched off to become a standalone project which is being worked on by SMU Students
  • QR Code enabled application to keep track of daily Petrol and Diesel Consumption in my Fire Station
  • Multiple AR Instagram Filters, most popular being one with over 2 Million interactions
  • GPA Calculation Website(plsgrade.me) for all students in Singapore
  • Smart Shopping application using Google Vision(-- IN PROGRESS --)

Achievements and Roles

Just the 4 that I'm most proud of. Do check out the rest on my LinkedIn.

1st Prize - GUTS Hackathon

Developed a platform to buy flight tickets that prioritizes safety rating

Silver - SITF Awards

Developed a map application for wheelchair users to solve their First Mile - Last Mile problem

President - SIT GEEKS


Lead - Developer Student Club



Short summary of my journey
Singapore Institute of Technology
In Year 1, I spent my first 1st and 2nd trimesters on lots of theory and low level programming and my 3rd trimester was well spent at IMDA as an intern doing basic Data Science.
In Year 2, -- IN PROGRESS --
Infocomm Media Development Authority
Worked as a Intern at Digital Service Lab doing rookie Data Science. Helped with data crawling and data cleansing for the most part but I did attempted at training a Random Forest model.
At the end of the internship, I didn't feel satisfied having just a small taste of Data Science. I needed more !
Singapore Civil Defence Force
Then came my National Service. I was lucky enough to be posted to SCDF as a Firefighter. I learned how to manage a team after going through the Firefighter training.
At the end of the 2 years, I became a totally different person - hopefully for the better.
ArcLab Pte Ltd
I joined them to work on their learning platform as Full Stack Javascript Developer. When jumped to doing data analytics, I picked up Python and I fell in love with it.
I learned about about the struggles of an entrepreneur from the founder of ArcLab.
Intrasys Pte Ltd
I was posted to Intrasys by Singapore Polytechnic as part of my schools internship. Was a Software Developer working on RFID Solutions developed on .NET Framework.
I left the company with deep love for the world of RFID.
Singapore Polytechnic
I was taking my Diploma in Information Technology. This was the start of my journey into the Tech Industry. I went for multiple Meetups, attended multiple Hackathons and really enjoyed my time while learning all the different Technology Stack.
At the end of my Diploma journey, the friends I made and the knowledge I learned were my key takeaways.


What others have said about me

Tan Hu Shien - Mentor & Senior Lecturer(SP)

Zainul is an extraordinary student with amazing entrepreneurial spirit. He has given his time and cared for many of his peers. His remarkable qualities and deeds will continue to benefit others.

Lim De Yang - Course Chair(SP)


Malcolm Low - Programme Director(SIT)


James Chia - Founder of ArcLabs Pte Ltd


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